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R432071000 R432.071.000 COUPLER: N 0,08-0,16GHZ 3DB COUPLER
R431613005 R431.613.005 COUPLER: 10DB 2.0-2.5GHz REEL100 COUPLER
R431613002 R431.613.002 COUPLER: 10DB 2.0-2.5GHz REEL 2000 COUPLER
R431613001 R431.613.001 COUPLER: 10DB 2.0-2.5GHz REEL1000 COUPLER
R431612005 R431.612.005 COUPLER: 6DB 2.0-2.5GHZ REEL100 COUPLER
R431612002 R431.612.002 COUPLER: 6DB 2.0-2.5GHZ REEL 2000 COUPLER
R431612001 R431.612.001 COUPLER: 6DB 2.0-2.5GHZ REEL1000 COUPLER
R431611205 R431.611.205 COUPLER: 3DB MINI 1.9-2.2 REEL100 COUPLER
R431611203 R431.611.203 COUPLER: 3DB MINI 1.9-2.2 REEL 3000 COUPLER
R431611201 R431.611.201 COUPLER: 3DB MINI 1.9-2.2 REEL1000 COUPLER
R431611005 R431.611.005 COUPLER: 3DB 2.0-2.5 REEL100 COUPLER
R431611002 R431.611.002 COUPLER: 3DB 2.0-2.5 REEL 2000 COUPLER
R431611001 R431.611.001 COUPLER: 3DB 2.0-2.5 REEL1000 COUPLER
R431511005 R431.511.005 COUPLER: 3DB 1.7-1.8GHZ REEL100 COUPLER
R431511002 R431.511.002 COUPLER: 3DB 1.7-1.8GHZ REEL 2000 COUPLER
R431511001 R431.511.001 COUPLER: 3DB 1.7-1.8GHZ REEL1000 COUPLER
R431413005 R431.413.005 COUPLER: 10DB 1.7-2.0GHZ REEL100 COUPLER
R431413002 R431.413.002 COUPLER: 10DB 1.7-2.0GHZ REEL 2000 COUPLER
R431413001 R431.413.001 COUPLER: 10DB 1.7-2.0GHZ REEL1000 COUPLER
R431412005 R431.412.005 COUPLER: 6DB 1.7-2.0GHZ REEL100 COUPLER
R431412002 R431.412.002 COUPLER: 6DB 1.7-2.0GHZ REEL 2000 COUPLER
R431412001 R431.412.001 COUPLER: 6DB 1.7-2.0GHZ REEL1000 COUPLER
R431411205 R431.411.205 COUPLER: 3DB MINI 1.7-2.0 REEL100 COUPLER
R431411203 R431.411.203 COUPLER: 3DB MINI 1.7-2.0 REEL 3000 COUPLER
R431411201 R431.411.201 COUPLER: 3DB MINI 1.7-2.0 REEL1000 COUPLER
  Results 51 - 75 of 87 1 2 3 4