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1100-2098-5450 SMP FEMALE TO SMA MALE Dynawave Stock Item
1100-2099-5425 SMP FEMALE TO SMA FEMALE Dynawave Stock Item
1100-2199-6257 SMP MALE TO SMA FEMALE LTD DETENT Dynawave Stock Item
1100-3030-5452 SMPM FEMALE TO SMPM FEMALE Dynawave Stock Item
1100-3098-5450 SMPM FEMALE TO SMA MALE Dynawave Stock Item
1100-3099-5450 SMPM FEMALE TO SMA FEMALE Dynawave Stock Item
1100-9899-6272 DYNAWAVE SMA PLUG TO JACK ADAPTER Dynawave Stock Item
1101-050-A003-4 N PLUG FOR .250 DELTA MICRO Misc Stock Item
1102-0003 8501814FS-1 REV K SV MICROWAVE SV Micro Stock Item
1154-8599-6250 TNC JACK TO SMA JACK FLANGE MNT ADAPTER Dynawave Stock Item
1190-2929-6262 DYNAWAVE Dynawave Stock Item
130-99-000 MFR: SRI/CONN GAGE JACK CONNECTOR SRI Conn Gage Stock Item
132146-10 SMA JACK, PANEL MNT .125/.255 Misc Stock Item
137CA1242 WR137 TO N FEMALE JACK ADAPTER Misc Stock Item
142-0701-851 SMA END LAUNCH JACK 20 MIL TAB .062 PCB Misc Stock Item
1481-0000-00 PLUG TO PLUG ADAPTER M/A-Com Stock Item
15-1844-CAT MCI AIR COIL M C I Stock Item
15-1847-CAT MCI AIR COIL M C I Stock Item
172-139 N PLUG FOR .250 S/R Misc Stock Item
2001-4182-02N M39030/3-02 QPL DUMMY LOAD M/A-Com Stock Item
2001-5025-02 OSM MOD 241-1SF STRAIGHT CABLE PLUG M/A-Com Stock Item
2001-5190-02 OSM PLUG TO .141 SEMI-RIGID COAX CBL M/A-Com Stock Item
2001-5431-02 DESC. 84149SSGA SMA CONNECTOR M/A-Com Stock Item
2001-6118-00 OSM/SMA PLUG TERMINATION M/A-Com Stock Item
  Results 51 - 75 of 880  1 2 3 4 5 »